Chris Lynch

As an assistant hike leader with the LA Hiking Meet-Up group, Chris Lynch began a program about two years ago known as the “Slow-Poke to the Summit.” A slower paced series of hikes, the Slow-Poke” is designed to allow hikers of all abilities attain summits and experience hikes they never would have thought possible.  A natural out-growth of the “Slow-Poke” was the “Baldy for the Blind” program.
Chris is the 52 year old grandfather of two boys, a former scout leader and an avid adventurer. He started climbing when he was 15 years old and has climbed approximately twenty different peaks including Mount Whitney, Mount Shasta and Mount Kilimanjaro. He has a tripped booked for Everest Base Camp in Nov. 2010 and is planning on climbing Mount Aconcagua in South America. He is also a distance cyclist and has done three centuries and a 500 mile long road trip through Mississippi. Chris is also a published writer.